About Me

As if I don't talk about myself enough, right?
My name is Brittany Shannon.
I'm super quiet and serious.

(Shakes head)

I'm actually a creative enthusiast.
I am an American writer.
I've been a professional cosmetologist for ten years, which allows me to cut, color, and splash art to my heart's content. I also work as a test manuscript evaluator for a local publishing company. For about a year and a half, I worked as an SEO creative content writer for a marketing agency--where I learned that I am an excellent ping-pong player. (Whooped almost everyone at 9 months pregnant...not a lie)

I enjoy everything, pretty much, unless it bugs me.

I love all elements of art...except pictures of coffee cups. (I still don't get it)

My creative indulgent hobbies range from blogging, to writing 400 page novels.
I dabble in photography, vlogging, painting, singing, dancing, kitchen cabinet DIY, and cooking.

I am a wife and a mother.
My family is my LIFE.


When I am not nose deep in a poopy diapers, poopy butt, poopy carseats, and poop, I am nose deep in adventure...sometimes an adventure novel when I'm feeling introvert....or in other words, misanthropic.

A self-proclaimed cynic, I kinda suck at socializing, which is ironic because I love being frCENTERont. Such a strange combo. (That girl like me just winked, like, "I totally get it.") I came out of the womb performing, spent over half my life in the performance arts, could have pursued a career in the entertainment industry but got scared to death by it and instead chose to fulfill my fourth grade dream of becoming an author. Set to launch on August 5th, my first novel will be available for purchase!!

I volunteer as an ARP facilitator (That's an Addiction Recovery Program) God blessed me with this new stage when I chose to convert to the LIGHT and target my talents toward reflecting Christ.
I have travelled four-soon to be six- times to give presentations on the ARP. Changing the world one "sober" thought at a time.
You can grin.

Although I live a Christ-centered life, I have a weird obsession with the dark side of things. Like, gruesome, self-destructive, murderous tragedies. Gone Girl was one of my favorite books.

But I promise I do love life. And like, four people.

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