Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day (Smother's Day)

Mother's Day 2019
for me was....
ground breaking.

My husband took me and our kids on vacation for three days.
We saw a hot air balloon festival.
I was SMOTHERED in lurv.
Came home to warm weather.
I waxed my lip.
And I cracked the uncrackable code of figuring out how to make my DCIM folder appear when plugging in my iPhone X to my comp.
(If you just said in your mind: "You just plug it in via USB and file explorer or iTunes will pop up" then I hate you and you clearly aren't up to date on the latest iPhone drama)

After six hours of tech issues, reading forums, including all the "Apple" help guides, I figured it out and followed ALLLLL the uninstall/reinstall/disable/reinable crap...
Here we are, with 3,000 pics/vids now saved on my PC :)

Seriously, though...
I really do wonder if sometimes the more advanced technology becomes, the worse it truly gets.
(Now an expert however, at getting the DCIM folder to appear when you plug in your iPhone)

Mother's Day.

I had such a wonderful weekend and thought I'd recap some photos here
(that are saved on my PC now...ahem...Cause my DCIM folder finally appeared)

Here we are, just outside of Vernal, Ut. Enjoying camping, hikes, arches, caves, hot air balloons, dinosaur tracks/bones, and FOOD!

I never thought I'd take a vacation to Vernal!
Of all places...
turns out, it was a massive hit and the kids have been asking to go back ever since.

Good. I'll be glad to take more pictures.
Now that my DCIM folder can be found...;)

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