Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Documenting Brittany: Patriotism

God. Family. Country.

I remember the first time my dad told me the story of how our National Anthem came about, written by Francis Key. He cried sharing it with us.
I now cry every time I share it, too.

I am a devout Patriot, which is loyalty to one's country first. I love this promised, sacred, chosen land. I support our founding fathers and the constitution of America. 
I know God blessed our founding fathers and inspired them when they created the constitution of the United States. I know God watches over this country. I know that as long as good, Patriotic people are doing their best to keep within the standards God has set, this land will be protected and blessed.

I know Dallin H Oaks was inspired when he recently stated that "labels" are trivial and temporary. I know people have hard hearts and divisions in political beliefs are really destroying people, including patriotism. I fear history will repeat itself.

Anyway, I try to be a "neutral" supporter and vote for candidates that MOST CLOSELY believe in the same things I do (which is becoming increasingly difficult) and vote for those political candidates who support and uphold the constitution.

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