Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Documenting Brittany: The Affair That Never Ends (Even After You Stop It)

I post a lot of stuff on marriage (including infidelity and addiction). I’m sorry I don’t talk all rainbows and butterflies. You cupcake people will have to unite together ...and make t-shirts or something. I’ve been volunteering in the Addiction Recovery Program for a couple years now, not to mention I have some experience (heavy ugly depressing) with these topics. My goal is to help other people and open a channel where they can talk about the things many people don’t talk about. (Tosses sprinkles over shoulder)

Also know I’m not trained and I have no degree. I’m zero special. My qualifications are “life” so take it with a grain of salt. I know a thing or two about infidelity, mmmkay? I’ve experienced it. Lived through it. I’ve seen someone lose their soul to addiction and I’ve seen another make mistakes, feel remorseful, and fully repent.

All of these things have added to my strong belief in fidelity and marriage, how the two are delicately connected. How fragile love is, but how eternal commitment is.

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