Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Go, and sin no more.

“It is our great opportunity to experience the peace of repentance and the joy of forgiveness, and then to proclaim that pathway to others. Once we have found that peace, we are to bear witness of it and teach others how they can obtain it. This we do by being long-suffering, gentle, meek, and by having the pure love of Christ for all we meet. This is our calling as Latter-day Saints. This is our great joy and our blessing.“
Spencer W Kimball

To the adulteress, Christ said, “Go, and sin no more.”

I find it impossible to hold back my experience with repentance, and see it as my duty to proclaim this pathway to others. For I am what was once called an “adultress” and grievously sinned against God. There is no soft-pedaling my errors. I did wrong, I confess it before my God, and bear witness of the peace it brings when one fully repentant. 

It is my privilege to go forward in life having forsaken my sins, seeking the pure love of Christ, and expressing gratitude for the magnitude of blessings I’m giving according to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Because of Him, my wrongful deeds are washed away.

It is a beautiful process to become clean again, and even more beautiful to help others find the courage to seek repentance. It is not difficult. It is freeing.

I respect my covenants so much more today than I ever have, and I hope and pray I will never let my savior down again.

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