Thursday, May 24, 2018

Documenting Brittany: Coping With Substance Abuse

Coping with Substance Abuse Vlog
By Documenting Brittany

Preface: Everyone DOES feel pain differently. Some people do have “worse” lives. There are women who have given birth nine times naturally.
Having prepared myself for all those arguments, I’m confident that God also gives us our own unique, personally prescribed, toughest battles. They come at different stages of life over a variety of time and at multiple ages.
My crippling problem might not be yours, and so on.
To the viewer who thought, “No, money doesn’t fix things, but God does. She should have prayed.”
A girl who grew up LDS and never once thought to pray about her immense suffering? Why didn’t she think of that? Oh, she did. I thought that much was obvious.
It goes without saying (yet here I am saying it)
I exhausted ALL the avenues before out of the deepest and darkest desperation, turned to a numbing substance.
I’ll also argue that God doesn’t always take our afflictions from us. Prophets have stated such.
But Jesus Christ promises to always be there with us, to comfort us during them.
I testify that He did just that during my weakest moments.
Human as I am, I chose a method of coping many LDS people judge and condem, yet I never lost my testimony of or turned my back on Christ.
Lastly, to the viewer who is just so amazingly spiritual that they’ve never been tempted by substances, never been crippled, never felt so weak because of a trial that they abandoned their religious values, never had a prayer to relieve pain go unanswered....get ready.
Your time will come.
When you get there, reach out to someone who has already been through it.
You might be surprised to find out what you can learn.