Sunday, October 8, 2017

Atonement and Resurrection

Atonement and Resurrection

I read this article and found it to be fantastic.
I have made a regular habit of reading on Sundays—all things Christ and God-centered. I’ve decided to help me absorb and remember the thoughts and feelings I have when reading, I’m going to also take notes.
Feel free to read the above article on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and maybe share your own thoughts and feelings.

Here is what I wrote based on the above article:

He knows us so well. We longed to be with Him like none else. He wept for us. The grace is already given. HE felt things so he would know how to empathize and properly help us heal on a very individual basis. It doesn’t have to be fair. As we grow closer to Him and work on our own healing and recovery we are blessed with Christlike love toward any who wrong us. Families will face opposition, we don’t just face hardships from evil people. In fact, when being righteous we avoid a lot of evil people and will therefore face little opposition on that journey. That’s a blessing just being in the Promised Land has provided. Our growth MUST come through opposition in ALL things. So then we must face it in our families and friends and loved ones. It is all part of the journey. It doesn’t mean we did something wrong. It doesn’t mean THEY did something worse. It is just part of the Lord’s plan and we need to trust it. We need to let Him consecrate our afflictions to our good and benefit. We will become like Him. We will through THIS the mortal trial you’re facing, it wasn’t placed before you to be an everlasting burden. It was placed to help you meet and become like Christ, like a God. Do not be afraid of it. You’re not alone.

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