Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Postpartum 3 for the Win!

Sometimes, your perfect Tuesday turns into an emergency apt with your Dr and a discussion with your daughter about why her pee pee won't grow long when she gets older 😳😳😳
(@erinfratts seriously where do I go with this?)
Can I air a personal note?? I've had three kids and with each postpartum experience I had a weird/tragic recovery of some kind.

After my second born, my husband and I had our worst year of marriage. It added to the battle I was already facing after herniating two discs. Long story short, I learned during that trial that the suffering I went through was more for him than for me (lucky me right?) He had to tend to me and serve me basically 24-7. I needed physical therapy, but then he had to massage me every single night with a special cream. He had to help me out so much with the house and the kids. With a priesthood blessing that I would recover quickly and be able to perform my duties as a mother, an injury that should've required either surgery or major meds and therapy healed in about two months (with almost zero residual problems)
We ended up having a great following year and felt closer.
I was thinking Recovery #3 was absolute bliss. Tomorrow my LO will be three weeks and the worst of it had been the night both my boys were up screaming all night. Until today. My husband and I had a Squabble when he got home from work and weren't pleased with one another. I have a feeling he was thinking some negative thoughts about me. 
I made the mistake of trying to move my couch to clean and BOOM. A terrible pain/tear went through my lower regions. It was equivalent of a labor contraction and I was so paralyzed with pain my husband had to pick me up and lay me on the couch while I cried. I asked for a blessing, which he begrudgingly gave (cause we hadn't made up from our fight)
Well, I have the STRONGEST faith in priesthood blessings. I think they're like Superman Burps or whatever...miracles. All of them.

As I've laid here, I've watched Glen run around the house like a chicken with his head cut off trying to manage the three kids...he wigs out when he's "in charge". (Can I add that all of this is happening in the middle of trying to potty train my son?? All people who have potty trained will get a KICK out of that) Like when I'm debilitated and he has to be fully the boss, he kinda loses it. It's a huge stress for him, even though I've been doing it ALL DAY. I've often wondered if he takes me for granted and thinks I have the easy life. When we have these little arguments (because Scouts Honor we only fight like once a year) I sincerely wonder if he knows what I do all day and how taxing it can be. I want to yell at him to be more patient and not yell so much, but I also understand that this is a necessary lesson for him to learn, and so do I. Isn't it amazing how much we need one another? How we need each other's unique strengths? How we are reminded when we aren't appreciating the other? The power of the priesthood is working in my life, even as I write. I feel the pain lessening and my worries being comforted.. It is so aggravating being immobilized and the pain is intolerable, and instead of wallowing I'm kind of smiling because I think I know where the Lord is going with this.
Anyway, I know I'll be taken care of and all will work out as it should, even if the Dr finds a horrid abscess in my bum bum tomorrow. Because priesthood blessings are real, they help. They have saved me in so many ways, so many times. I've seen miracles where other people have been blessed by the priesthood. Boys who were mid-seizure stop dieting, grown men who weren't able to stand being able to stand minutes later because of one. My testimony of the priesthood came long ago and before anything else, really. And any time I've had some questions about God and my religion it always comes back to this. I CANNOT deny what I've seen and experienced. Hopefully I don't have to have a fight with my husband every time I need a life lesson ;) And maybe I shouldn't try to move a couch three weeks after giving birth..whoops.
I swear...if it seems too good to be true....then be super wary of what's to come!! Postpartum Struggles 3/3. 🥇🥇🥇
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