Thursday, August 24, 2017

Saying Goodbye

The time has come. I'm saying goodbye to my favored social media app, Instagram.

The reasons don't matter much, but in case you're curious or ever read this I'll break it down.
1. I have a loud mouth. It gets me in trouble. Sometimes people don't read my sarcasm and I offend them unintentionally. Case in Point my recent "story". If it offended you, I sincerely apologize. It wasn't meant to hurt. I am sorry to all the people and their fake breasts or lips or noses. I have lots of friends who have artificial enhancements and I in no way think less of them. My point was more to make humor of the hypocrisy people who love chemical free and animal cruelty free lives face when they then go get fake injections, but of course I am a hypocrite also and love plenty of fake things. Again, I'm sorry.
I would like to add that I have and always will be part of the crowd that believes humans are BEAUTIFUL the way they come and age and grow. I have sworn off artificial enhancements for myself for this reason. Because I would be a hypocrite to tell people they're beautiful the way they are, and then go get surgery to fix my knee fat that I hate. Some of us truly believe in the way we come and I'm a "naturalist" (99% of the time) I want all my friends to know that. It's a belief. I love small and big breasts, naturally large noses, scars, burns, etc. I love wrinkles and gray hairs. I've even tried growing my own hair out except that my talent agency requires my hair to look like my headshot. So that's me being a hypocrite, too.
The truth is I think society has attacked the beauty of life, in every sense. People pay the price but more so women than men. Women are torn apart and beaten down and told that they aren't beautiful if they don't look a certain way. There is an "image" of beauty. Who decided that? Who chose what is pretty or sexy or attractive, and WHY?! Why one look, one size, one color? Why a certain combination of the above? I have never understood it...and it pains me. When I think of my daughter being so insecure with herself because of society, I ache. Of course I want her AND EVERYONE to feel confident. We all deserve so. I want people to be confident the way they are, the way God made them. Whatever size shape color and age.
In the end, I stand firm behind my belief that humans don't need to change to be or feel beautiful, but I understand not everyone feels that way.

2. I've long felt like I need to set an example for my kids.
Would I want them spending the time I do on social media? Do I think it's a positive or uplifting activity? Do I want them posting the things I post?

3. On the other side of number 1, I see my own values take a beating on social media. I view it as a way for people to express themselves and try hard to let it roll off my back. My religion is always made fun of. (That's because your religion is so judgemental)
People, like you and I, are judgmental. Not a religion.
Thinking that is just as judgmental as the comments I made.
Being a mother is looked down upon by a lot of children-less people. Even working moms (which I was and still am if you consider my self employment) make fun of "stay at home moms". You know, its life...and we are all insensitive on days that end in Y.

4. I am an extrovert and on particular weeks, considering my husband travels so much for work, I'll go days without speaking to another adult. I'm starving for adult conversation and interaction. I feel pathetically alone sometimes. These is when I get in trouble and run my mouth.
I'm sorry.

5. In support of my naturalist ways, I want to revert to the old days when we called and sent cards. Do I believe the increase in virtual activity decreases a humans natural social behaviors? Yes. Im sorry if that's offensive. I think virtual interactions can lead to diminished/appropriate in-person social conduct. I think social media leads to increased idealism, increased chances of infidelity, a lack of basic social skills, an increase in bullying, and bloats the uprise of the attack on peoples' bodies as mentioned in number 1. I apologize if that hurts your feelings. It doesn't mean there isn't good to be found online, I just think the bad makes it not worth it for me in my life. If I want to set an example for my kids, I best start now. (And try my hardest not to be a hypocrite for their sake)
 I'm asked frequently if I have a Facebook. I understand this is how people communicate now. Send wedding invites, birthday invitations, etc.. To answer your question in short? NO. To answer your question in length, Yea there is a profile "active" under my name.
No, I don't use Facebook,
No, I won't be accepting friend requests.
The profile is active for one reason: My talent agency has an exclusive page where they post audition and casting info, and all their talent is required to be on it. (Hypocrite? Yes...I'm sorry.)

So there you have it.
I don't know if this is permanent or temporary, because I honestly LOVE taking pictures and am obsessed with posting updates about my kids. But I know the time has come.
I love my friends and followers and hope to keep from offending you in the future.
You know, I recognize things can be taken out of context. I have children. I love them. I don't always have a babysitter. Do I understand it might come off insensitive to ask people not to bring children to their hair appointment? Yes. Do I expect them to understand the following:
I can't concentrate with lots of kids running around. I even find babysitters for my own (99% of the time)
It's in the kids' best interest. I have hot and sharp tools. My salon area is not kid friendly.
My tools are also expensive. If they get broken I'm pretty sure the parent won't be happy having to replace them.
I want to give my clients the best possible service. I want them to have the best haircut and color and relax. That is hard for both of us if kids are present.
Do I make exceptions? Yep.
But I will still always ask the client to please try to make arrangements, just as I do for my own kids.
That scenario can be offensive to many.
I'm sorry.

I'm sure this post even offended someone....gah! I can't ever win.
I really do withhold judgments the best I can. If I make a rude comment, I'll apologize for it, and try to be better.
My intention is to love and live a Christlike life.
For me it includes less social media.