Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Introductions!

Friday Introductions!
I decided to fill out an online questionnaire. Sorry if it's generic...I copied and pasted it!! But thought it would be a fun change to my usual Friday Introductions on Instagram. So here we go!

Who were you with yesterday? My kids until 10:30, then the neighbors
What woke you up this morning? My son
Where are you? In the bathtub 😝
Is tomorrow going to be a good day? It will be the day I make it
Do you like anybody? Oh my gosh I'm not 12. I like a few people
Ever thrown up in public? Ha! Yes many times
Passed out because of alcohol? Yes
What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW? My aching belly and the fear that the rest of these questions are for teenage Myspacers
What kind of home would you like? A white stucco red Spanish roof tile rambler. 
What do you want to be when you grow up? My own hero
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A mother of three fabulous children with a trip planned to Africa
What is your favorite color? GreenDo you listen to music every day? Yes
Do you still go trick or treating? With my kids
What was the last thing you ate? Chocolate decadence with salted caramel
Are you a fast typer? 118 WPM
Whats your favorite type of soda? Mt Dew
Have you ever moved? Bunch
Have you ever won an award? A few. Never bingo 
Are you listening to music right now? Nope 
How long ’till your birthday? Seven months 
When were you the saddest in your whole life? March 2009
What do you wish the world had more of? Jesus Christ
What is your favorite way to burn steam? Exercise like a BAMF

What is your occupation? Cosmetologist, author, performance artist
Have you ever heard a song written about you? Yes
What do you do when you’re mad? Work out or cook
Do you swear when you’re mad? Less than I used to
When was the last time you actually cried? 4:13pm today
What usually makes you cry? Besides being pregnant???
Are you usually a happy person? I'm mellow if that counts
What makes you the happiest? My kids
Do you believe in yourself? More than anyone else
What is your favorite hobby? Creating. Writing, music or novels 
Favorite song? Ever??? Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. Christian: The Great I Am 
Do you have any bad habits? Anxiety
What is something unique about you? Uhh...I have bright green/yellow eyes??
What's one of your favorite things about yourself? My air of confidence
Least favorite thing about yourself? My anxiety
Do you believe in God? Yes
What do you hope to contribute to the world? Strength
Which celebrity are you most like? Rick from the Walking Dead?? Haha. If that counts..he's a character so if a real life celebrity than Emma Stone.
What's your favorite movie? Gaaaaaah how to pick?? All time: Pretty Woman. Lately? Rogue One
Do you miss people? Every day
What did you do today? Raised my kids. Ran errands. Went to the temple and out to eat with my husband. Bubble bath.
If you could give one piece of advice to people what would it be? Get up, dress up, show up. You got this.

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