Thursday, February 2, 2017

Don't Give Up

I tell myself this every day. And every time I face something that seems intimidating.

It's one of the things I love about myself. I don't give up.

Once-just once-in my life, I actually "gave up". On everything. It was a dark time for me. But other than that, I've been a fighter. I've been determined and I have mad crazy self-discipline.

It allows me to succeed, even if the end result isn't success. Does that make sense?
Don't give up. Just don't.

I love that I feel so empowered. On a good day, I picture myself carrying both my kids up the side of a mountain, during the zombie apocalypse, in the rain. And I reach the top hardly out of breath...and take a selfie.
That's me. Brittany.

I'm pretty proud to say there aren't many of my goals I haven't smashed. Sometimes they turn out differently than I had planned, but I simply adapt. Adapt and survive. Repeat.

Life is no fairytale, and rather than be negative and tell you all the stuff that has and continues to go wrong, you need know only one thing about me.
I never give up.

You shouldn't either.

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