Monday, January 23, 2017

The Breast is Yet to Come

If you ask me (and I know you didn't, but you're here, reading this)
Satan's most clever and brilliant act to date has been the defling of the woman.

He has taken the image and use of a woman's body and distorted it so greatly that most people don't even know it's true purpose(s). 

The world views the woman in one way and one way only: from a man's perspective.

And not a holy man, at that.

You never see a woman depicted through the eyes of her breastfeeding son, or through the eyes of her insecure teenage daughter, or through the eyes of her proud great grandmother.

No. We see one thing.
Make that two.

Yep. Satan has taken probably the most pure form of womanhood and love and made it evil. He has turned the breast into a fascination and obsession (for mostly men--and some women)

Let's get one thing straight. We are mammals. Mammals nurse their young. Do other mammals flaunt their breasts? Are certain mammals considered more sexy or better sex partners or more beautiful if they have bigger breasts? Would you get your mammal breasts implants if they weren't up to par?

If those sound silly, why then do you live in a world where it's acceptable to treat human women that way?

Breasts are NOT a sexual object for the pleasure of man.
I repeat: breasts were NOT designed to be the sexual objects to pleasure men.

Women have breasts to feed our young.
Did you know the same hormone that gets released during breastfeeding is the same hormone that gets released during stimulation?
If a WOMAN receives sexual pleasure from her breasts, good on her. But they were not designed for MAN. To be bigger, better, and faker each generation. To determine a woman's value or beauty.

Men (and any woman overcome with a superficial fantasy about breasts) they aren't for you. They're for the innocent children brought into this life. They produce milk. In amazing ways and quantities. They go through HELL feeding those babies. And somehow still make time for those grasping hands of yours.

Satan knew long before we came to this world how precious and valuable women are. He knew if he could take down the woman. Ruin her. Use her. Corrupt her. He would win.

Our God has sheltered Our Heavenly Mother, but I know we have one. And I totally understand why she is so sacred and special.

Satan, you may have conquered the world, and persuaded a goodly number of women to fall into your vile ways. You may have stolen the hearts of good men. You have definitely skewed the beautiful and virtuous nature of breasts. But you have NOT won. There are still some housands of woman who know their worth and who refuse to cave or even bend in the slightest degree.

Just as the temple prayer recites, my breasts will be the receptacle of pure and virtuous principles.

May the obsession with boobs die a peaceful death. I have faith in us, girls. The Breast is yet to Come!!
By Brittany Shannon