Friday, December 30, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge: Weeks 50, 51, 52

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge
Weeks 50, 51, & 52

The prompt for week 50 is my favorite one yet!! Lessons learned.
Holy cow...where do I even start?
This year was so huge for me. In so many ways, this was a "bad" year. A lot of icky thins happened. And yet, I did something new for me. In 2016, I turned to Christ and my Heavenly Father instead of hiding from them. I leaned into them, trusted in their understanding instead of my own, and put faith in their plan for me. I prayed,..BEGGED...for help at times. For peace. I don't need my problems to go away, but I do desire peace. I also desire such strength and magnitude of self that no one, and nothing, will diminish my sense of value. I believe this year I have achieved that! Finally. But not on my own. So don't give me the credit...but oh, how free do I feel!

So free. And so valued. I see myself now through the eyes of God. I'm not ashamed of it, I am proud. I respect myself. I love myself and I love others with the pure love of Christ better.

The prompt for week 51 is 100 things to be grateful for. I'm still making my list!! But it's coming, and I promise to post it. 

The prompt for week 52 is did this Challenge change you?
So much.
It made me focus.
It made me realize that while there can be crappy stuff, I literally have the choice to choose how I will react and how I feel. This is a skill, I wasn't born with it. I've spent ALL of 2016 learning--and praying for--it. I feel like it's been given me now, and the more I practice it the better I get at it. I love having a grateful heart. I like trying to pick out the positives in my day. Instead of the negatives. In fact, I just act like the negatives don't even exist, that way my life is as dreamy as I want it to be :)

And that concludes the ENTIRE 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge!!
I can't believe it's over...I'm a little sad. But in a happy way :)
Bring on 2017!!!
Thanks for following along:
Brittany Shannon

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