Monday, December 26, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge: Weeks 48 and 49

Where has time gone!? I'm not sure. But I've been so caught up in the Year that these weeks have slipped away.
52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge week 48&49 prompts are:
Your job
Things you like about winter.

My job, where do I begin?
First, I'm a mother. My job is the best. People say that. It's so ironic and cheesy and predictable. But I don't know how else to say it. I love being a mother. And I LOVE my toddlers!!!! Haha...most people would say they love "babies" and they get "baby hungry" and "babies are so sweet". I have to say I would give birth to a toddler if I could. Seventeen of them!! This is probably a combination of the fact that I had a unique situation with my babies. They were very difficult. Both my babies had severe colic and reflux. The uncontrollable and inconsolable crying of my helpless infants did something wild to my psyche. I would prefer not to do it again. Also, the parenthood skill set God equipped me with finds toddlerhood just dreamy. It is perfection. I can't even deal.

I am also a cosmetologist and a writer. It's an exquisite myriad of introverted and extroverted talents that make my creative heart soar. I'm getting my sequel ready to release. Book one, OG, has been a hit. I'm so glad people like it. I love doing hair. It makes me happy. I think I'm good at it, but I'm putting more time into my writing right now. It makes me happiest!!! (Next to MOTHERHOOD of course)

Things I like about winter?

Lol, jk. I am such a sun bunny. I live for summer. But with my kids, it is fun to watch them get excited about snow. I also had the most magical Christmas I could dream of. Both mine and my husband's birthdays are in the winter. That makes it fun. And all of the holidays. Being with family, hot chocolate!!!!! With my marshmallows. My favorite food group.

And that concludes Weeks 48&49 or the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge!
Just so happy to be alive and be blessed the way I am. 
Brittany Shannon

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