Sunday, December 11, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge: Week 47

Tomorrow begins week 47 of the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge!
I decided to combine the prompt with a Vlog, for Documenting Brittany (Vlog 20)
Opportunities You Have Been Given.

It's kind of an "artist" thing...this absolute and inherent compulsion to CREATE. On top of that, an artist needs their creation to be seen, heard, appreciated-even in anonymity. That's the whole goal of an artist. To influence. To inspire. To express. To share. To help. It isn't to be "known".

Being a performer is not about being the center of everyone's attention. It's an expressive way to release energy for a grander purpose. Some purposes have pure motives, while others do not. Performers can be introverts or extroverts. What they have in common is the irrepressible urge to take nothing and build something and have it affect someone else with emotion, response, and retention. Wanting my work to be recognied is not the same thing as "wanting to be recognized". I could be nameless...faceless...penniless...but if you LOVE my art, I will sleep well at night.

As many of you know (and for those who don't) I have been trying to model my life after Jesus Christ, making small, daily improvements to bring me closer to Him, and my Father in Heaven. I have tried to dedicate my time and talents to Him, in hopes that my art and my passions and my creativity may reflect Him, and all He stands for.
I haven't always been this way, and at times I may fail. But my joy is in combining my love for the performance arts with my love of God and Christ. I've found that when I pursue the act of entertaining, in all it's forms, if my intentions are good and I am in it to serve, to help others, and to share a meaningful message, then I am happier in general--and the project has a greater impact. Things go well for me in my life when I follow the true and righteous path, versus when I use my talents to express entertainment of "the world".

God blesses me when I use the gifts He gave me in a righteous manner. As I continue to take these steps, becoming part of projects that administer the same message I want to send in my personal life, other opportunities are presented. Not everything has to be "spiritual" but I want it to be of good nature. I want to be part d the community that constructs healthy entertainment, even if it is less popular, less lucrative, less esteemed. To me, it is happiness.
Whatever it may be, whether I'm singing, dancing, basket weaving, or zit popping, may it be an expression of who I am: a growing daughter of a King on high.
I'm grateful for this week, for this prompt, for my talents and the many opportunities I've been given.

Thanks for watching!
By Brittany Shannon

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