Saturday, November 26, 2016

Meet the Characters: Conquest of Canaan: OG

Welcome to the interview of Og's three main characters.
In today's interview we will be getting to know the three main characters in Brittany Shannon's novel,  OG, book one in the Conquest of Canaan series.
If you have any questions for the characters, please comment below.

Who wants to go first?


"Of course, you do, Rebby," says Kaya.

"In fact, I'm not even sure why we are here. Rebby thinks this whole interview is about him," Travin adds.

"How's my hair?" Rebby asks.

"As shiny as your ego," Travin quips.

Interviewer: "Alright, you three. Let's get to the questions."

"Let's," Kaya states.

"Question #1: who takes longer to get ready in the morning?"

Travin and Kaya answer together, "Rebby."

"Travin takes a long time to shave," Kaya giggles.

"When the hired help is shearing my face like a lamb," Travin replies.

"Question #2: who would you rather fight to the death?"
Travin: "Kaya."

Rebby: "Travin."

Kaya: "Wait, why me?"

Travin: "Because I would kill Rebby, but I would rather let you live."

Rebby scoffs.

Kaya grins.

"Question #3: what is your most embarrassing moment?"

"What is this embarrassment you speak of?" Rebby demands.

"Oh, geez," Travin sighs. "My eighteenth birthday. Kaya was drunken with wine and she made me dance with her."

"Trav, you have seriously got to learn the definition of dancing," Kaya laughs.

"Question #4: what is the scariest thing you've ever done?

"By far, jumping off Moxie Falls", Kaya replies.

"About five minutes before Jumping off Moxie Falls," Travin says.

"When I was six, my father made me go into the market and return a chalice I'd stolen from a woman named Ruth. 

Travin and Kaya both slowly turn toward him.

"That is your scariest moment?" Travin guffaws.

"Ruth was a very attractive woman," Rebby rejoinders.

"You were six," Kaya says wryly.

"And I ruined my chances with her forever when I admitted to thievery. It was very traumatic."

Travin rolls his eyes.

"Question #5: if you could do one thing before you die, what would it be?"

All three pause. It is the first time they are speechless.

Kaya speaks first, hesitantly. "I would want to see the world at peace. And I think I want to be a mother..."

"Wow," Travin responds, his eyes gleaming. "Honesty, from Soldier Lucan.

"Don't call me that."

"I'd go back in time and tell Ruth my heart's deepest desires," Rebby States confidently. "And maybe kick Travin's butt in Grab a few more times."

Interviewer: "Travin?"

His eyes mist over and he gazes off into a distant memory. "I'd spend more time with Maleah. I would love to see the woman she would become. She would make a wonderful Aunt."

Kaya nudges him roughly. 

"And I would, without a doubt, give Kaya anything she ever wanted," Travin adds.

Rebby imitates throwing up. "Bluah."

"Question #6: if you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?"

"I'm single," Rebby replies immediately.

"Kaya, more honesty?" Travin smirks.

"You first." She winks. "I dare you."

"Have faith in deliverance," he says, not moving his eyes from Kaya's.

Interviewer: "Are you telling Kaya? Or the world?"

Travin: "They're one in the same."

Kaya blushes.

We all do.

Kaya leans over and nuzzles Travin's shoulder. Then she glances up at me.

"Travin writes me poems."

Travin's jaw drops.
Rebby bursts into laughter.
Chaos ensues and the three friends are no longer capable of sitting still and answering interview questions. They agree to a second interview in the future. Please let me know what questions you would like to ask them! 

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