Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dear Lucky Agent Contest

Today, I entered the "Dear Lucky Agent" contest, hosted by Writer's Digest. This is the 27th contest and the theme is Women's Fiction.
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I entered for my novel, Fueled: Shifting Gears.
Read the short submission below!

Fueled: Shifting Gears is a thrilling novel about an average, Christian LDS girl caught in the crossfire of mobsters in Fresno, California.
Sample excerpt below:

Ayden’s eyes honed in on Chet. 

He was the solitary blonde one, standing subtly behind Gage’s broad shoulder. He was watching the ocean. The breeze tousled the tips of his long hair. It covered most of his face, so she couldn’t tell what color his eyes were. It was an unruly, surfer style somewhere between dirty mop meets Albert Einstein. It gave him a mysterious, masked crusader appeal—one who never reveals his true identity.

Every inch of his lean build was toned taut and his skin had that kissed by the sun glow. Plain, black board shorts adorned his legs, and his thumbs were tucked casually in the waistband so that they hung just a little bit too low. A mist of fine, blonde hair trailed provocatively down from his navel and disappeared south. Ayden was spellbound, daydreaming about Point Break.

Chet’s head jerked up suddenly, tossing the fringe out of his eyes. It startled Ayden. He stared down at her from a six foot height, and he had the most interesting story in his eyes. There was an electrifying twinkle. Or was it a shadow? An indecipherable secret… They were gemstone blue.

The corner of his mouth quirked up illusively as his eyes travelled the length of Ayden. His gaze raked over her with a faint pressure, the way fingertips might graze a wrist when checking for a pulse. If he’d felt her pulse, he’d have felt it quickening. If she’d have been a car, the alarm would have sounded and the trunk inadvertently popped open. His tongue slid out, skimming his lower lip in just the tiniest movement. The reflection of the sun dazzled off a silver piercing. Ayden swallowed hard.

By Brittany Shannon

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