Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I Feel My Savior's Love

He has paid the price for your sins AND your pains. The atonement encompassed ALL our infirmities. And it is FREE for us to partake of. I am happy today because I am learning day by day, brick by brick, to build a lasting joy and happiness with the help and relief the Savior's sacrifice offers me. 💗

I've talked before about my anxiety. It's bad. It gets out of control sometimes. The last time I went through the 12 steps of the Addiction Recovery Program I actually focused on my anxiety (as I am not suffering from addiction right now) It amazed me what I learned--about the atonement and the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He paid the price for our sins but also our heartache. All of our anguish. It occurred to me that maybe part of my anxiety problem was my own inability to let it go. Perhaps I didn't have enough faith in God to let Him heal me. There was a small chance I was not toasty relying on the atonement and therefore I was rendering it useless in my life.

I am a naturalist and believe in doing everything the natural way first. I have been a healthy eater and good exerciser for many many years. I'm not getting too much sleep with my little ones, but I try to take naps when I can. On top of that, I've been seeing a therapist. My anxiety was NOT going away so I decided to start some mild medication. I noticed a change, small, but noticeable. Not quite Night and Day. More like Night and Dawn. It is not sunny and bright but my heart is not shadowed in clouds. With the overcast grief gone it will be easier for the sun to rise as I continually take advantage of the Lord's power.

Just this last weekend I felt a drastic change in my heart and head. Yes, my head, where the chemicals have been imbalanced for some time. I just felt so happy. I haven't felt this happy in a really long time. Even though I live a very blessed life and have everything I could dream of, I have been plagued by anxiety the way addiction has plagued me in the past. I wasn't allowing the atonement to fully restore me. 

I still have a long way to go, but I can already see a difference. I am so grateful for everything I have. It has not been an issue of ungratefulness. It has been a combination of chemical imbalance in my body and a lack of faith in Jesus Christ.

Just as I overcame addiction, I had to put more faith in the Savior and be WILLING to let Him take this from me. I truly believe happiness is a choice. I want to CHOOSE it.
For me, this has been a combination of choices, including both therapy and light medication in addition to a proper diet and exercise. With continual prayer and DAILY...usually HOURLY choices, these last three days have been A TOTAL AND COMPLETE CLIMATE CHANGE! My relationship with my husband and with my children has seemed easier, brighter, funner. Im not kidding you: things that have been weighing me down, pains I have had a hard time letting go of, hurts that have been limited stuck in my back, feel gone. I'm pretty excited for the future.

Thanks for letting me share. And please share with me your stories of recovery.
Brittany Shannon

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