Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fight the New Drug

Fight the new drug.
Porn kills love.
But porn also kills sex.

For this blog cover for Blogtober I am covering the many issues of the cause Fight the New Drugz

A lot of people will say that porn kills love, but porn kills more than just love. It kills the magic of sex. There are certain people who are addicted to sex, and there are certain people who are addicted to pornography. Sometimes one is addicted to both, but they are not the same thing. For instance, some people are addicted to having sex. They feel a compulsion to have sex with someone else. They want to do this frequently, and what is considered more than normal. They don't care necessarily who they're having sex with, they just want to do it all the time. It's an addiction. It's like getting high.

Those that are addicted to pornography want to be viewers of the spectacle of sex. They want to watch other people have sex. Usually this is a selfish endeavor taken  upon by one's self.

 The participant watching  pornography by themself usually masturbates and enjoys watching the other people to stimulate themself. The reason why pornography is so damaging is because it is not real, and the depictions of sex are usually far exaggerated from the truth--in some circumstances actually perverse.

88% of porn scenes contain physical aggression. 49% contain verbal aggression. 
Found on http://www.psychguides.com/guides/porn-addiction/

People who watch this re-wire  their brain, their emotions, and their sex drive to believe that this is what sex. It is watching other people engage in sex while you masturbate alone. The effects of masturbation have been medically linked to impotence, not to mention destroy the ability to enjoy the gentle touch of your partner.

Porn+ masturbation= self pleasure.
Sex with partner= pleasure of partners. (As long as you're communicating and making love with care)

 It is a selfish habit and perverts the beauty and magic of sex between two partners that require the two people to please one another. Pornography also implies that you are more selfish of a lover, and that you are more cowardly. It is more challenging to ask someone out and take them home for a one night stand than to go home alone to your computer. It is harder to forgive your spouse after a fight and make love than it is to go in the bathroom alone for ten minutes. Porn addicts do not want to physically engage in sex with another person more than they would rather watch it alone.

This has become an issue for relationships--and at a very young age.
Viewing pornography can have negative consequences on teenagers down the line, affecting both their psychological and physical wellbeing.

When young people are learning to be selfish (and selfish lovers) marriage and love are becoming endangered elements of life.

Usually pornography involves fantasies and/or actions that can sometimes be unorthodox. People who get addicted to pornography find these fantasies to be more stimulating then regular love making. This makes the individual find love making unsatisfactory to the point where they can literally be turned off by sex and unable to perform without the help of pornography. Even then, the act of sex can be quick and one-sided. Which leads the addicted individual to more porn.
More "self pleasure" & more selfishness. This overflows into other aspects of one's life. This is why addiction to porn is ultimately as dangerous as any addiction. It KILLS love...our most important emotion.

People who are addicted to both sex and pornography can find both stimulating, however a problem arises when one is so addicted to pornography that they need that as a source of stimulation to then go fulfill the actual act of  sex. Pornography which involves one person usually watching exaggerated depictions of sex teaches people to be less loving and sensitive and selfless during lovemaking. It desensitizes a person's brain and trains them to only be stimulated by what they're seeing visually. Pornography kills more than just love, especially between couples who do not feel the same way about porn.

Porn kills sex. It teaches you that you can engage in the sex acts by yourself and that you don't need another partner, when sex was designed to be enjoyed between people. It was not designed to be watched by one person in exaggerated or fantastical situations that can offend and  desensitilze the brain. Porn kills more than just love. It kills sex.

Porn leads to:
  • Increase in high-risk behaviors.
  • Skewed view of the world.
  • Decrease in ability to build healthy relationships.
  • Normalization of sexual violence.
  • Increase in aggression towards women.

When you can no longer be stimulated by your partner, the gentle hands and loving caress of your partner, and you need the help of pornography to even get turned on, you have become a slave to an evil industry that has sought to destroy the purity of love making. This goes for both genders, male and female. A lot of women will claim that they don't have a problem with pornography, that they don't feel threatened by it, and that they actually enjoy participating in it with their husbands. This does not excuse the degrading or demoralizing industry, nor does it condone pornography in the eyes of God.

The choice is for every individual to make, but in my experience in the Addiction Recovery Program I have seen countless broken hearts because of pornogrpahy abuse. Addiction is addiction. What one individual may find problematic another may not. Any addiction should be taken seriously, especially if it is affecting the household negatively. 

For more information on the Addiction Recovery Program visit ARP.LDS.ORG.

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