Friday, October 21, 2016

Do Mormons Hate Homosexuals?

My thoughts this evening are inspired by a story my sister shared with me.
A girl private messaged her on social media and asked her, "Why do Mormons hate homosexuals?"

In short, my sister responded, "They don't. Some people-Mormons and non Mormons-bully homosexuals."

The girl responded, "I've had Mormon people come up to me with their bible and Book of Mormon and bash me for being homosexual."

My sister said, "I've never known a Mormon in all my life to do that." And something like, "I'm sorry. That person is a bully. What is the purpose of you asking me this?"

And the girl never responded.

It hurt me too hear that this girl, who is thirteen by the way, would feel so shamed by being a homosexual and that she has had a negative experience with Mormons. Either that, or she's making it up....But let's take her word for it.

Let's break down her experience.
Girl is homosexual and is bashed by a bible-blaring Mormon.
She felt the need to contact a random LDS girl on social media about it.

I wonder if this girl has forgotten, as most of the world has, that all Christian religions are based on the Bible. That is NOT unique to Mormonism. Second, a fundamental belief of Christianity is that acting on homosexuality is a sin. However, leaders in the LDS church have clarified that there is a difference between having a weakness and acting on it. These discussions clarify that being homosexual, for instance, is not a sin. For "unto man did I give weaknesses" (as stated in the scriptures.) So, while it can be hard to swallow sometimes, Christianity considers homosexuality a weakness. It is NOT a sin, unless acted upon. 

Now, somehow this has been way blown out of proportion in the last decade...causing MAJOR friction between Christians and homosexuals (bisexuals, pansexuals)  And somehow, MORMONS have been secluded in this group of Christians, my guess is because they have a reputation of being really uptight and judgemental.
Bullying is OUT OF CONTROL these days, and lives are ending because of it.
I will mention a gay guy friend of mine once said (and I quote) "transgenders are disgusting." So, beware. Not all hate is from straight people on's everywhere.

The truth is, a lot of ignorance surrounds same gender attraction. I'm not qualified to make the remarks I'm going to make, but I want to share how I feel about this topic because it is near and dear to my heart. 

If what the Bible says is true, that God GAVE MAN WEAKNESSES, then we must recognize that people born with the same gender attraction tendency must have been trusted with it by God. Yes, I said TRUSTED. 

Straight folks: Have you ever asked yourself what it would BE like to have love, to be capable of love, to be driven by the single most powerful human emotion, and be told you CANNOT act upon it? 

Or do you think people just want to "rebel", or that they must "not believe in God" because they're in a same gender relationship? 

I've put myself in the shoes of my dear, valued friends who are openly homosexual. I've spoken with those that still live Christian lives,, and I feel for them.
To think, every day, "I am a walking sin...I am not good enough...people think I'm disgusting..." You know where I would turn? Probably suicide.

You know, there are ALSO really, happy, kind gay people who don't think of suicide. They're normal people living normal lives. Doing a better job than me.

In my heart, I am a Christian, If  same gender attraction is a "weakness"...that God gave, he must have given it to  his STRONGEST soldiers. He gave them HUGE hearts and MIGHTY spirits andLOVE, LOVE, LOVE....and yet, commanded them to not partake in this sin. Remind you of the Garden of Eden? Here's the part "straight" people forget: pride is also a sin!! In fact, it is mentioned in the Bible over 100 times. Way more than same gender attraction. Lying is a sin. Murder. Stealing. Adultery. (Hello--Mormons! This is HUUUGE in our community...including pornography) What about abuse? In all forms? Emotional abuse is more damaging than physical, and a lot of church-going Christians eliminate themselves from the sinners pool because they think they're not doing anything wrong. Words are like weapons. The axe forgets, but the tree never does.

To pacify any Mormon-haters: there is a rumor that when Christ comes again, He will cleanse the earth starting with the Church. Don't worry. They have what's coming...

Many things are weaknesses of mortals. And ALL of us mortals are going to partake in these weaknesses, thus leading us into "sin". So much shame surrounds the word "sin" and yet we are all sinners, committing sin on a daily basis. They vary, based on our weaknesses given to us by God, but none of us is exempt. And none of us is better than the other. God loves us, values us, and roots for us. Each and every one. We are give a PERSONAL refiner's fire that only the individual can truly walk through and experience. To judge someone from the outside, and say you would or should do better, is absolute nonsense. Plus it is a "sin"....

"Judge not that ye be not judged."

Did you know it says in the Bible that you will be judged according to how you judged others? I LOVE THAT! Isn't it a testament to God's care for His children? That He not only desires but requires us to love everyone despite different weaknesses? 

Sometimes I envy people who have faced harder struggles than I have. How strong must they have been in the premortal life (and in this life) to be trusted with such trials?
They must have been a saintly soldier. I was probably just the hairdresser, adjusting halos to fit the perfect "Do".

In conclusion, I want to add that even though I have Christian beliefs, I would never force those on my beloved friends and family, or anyone else. I don't think homosexuals or same gender attraction people need to "change". I would never spend my time judging them or worrying about whether they were in a same gender relationship or not, that's not why we are on this earth. Trust me--if I was born with same gender attraction, I guarantee you I would rather be in love and be loved than live a life of loneliness and isolation. You would too, believe it or not. Even if only once, we fall.

One of the Ten Commandments is Do Not Bear False Witness (number 9) and every one of you have told a lie...even if it was about the Tooth Fairy....

Trying to justify that? That's because it's YOUR sin. So much easier to call someone else a sinner than ourselves.

Some of the most wonderful people I've known were my gay guy friends. My grandma's partner Faye was one of the kindest people my mother ever knew. I still hear stories of Faye.

I cannot imagine living a life where people told me that to love would be a just breaks my heart. But I do know that judging and being prideful is a sin, and I know I take part in both too much! How could I possibly look at someone else and think I was more righteous? I could never look in the mirror...
Can you imagine having the compulsion to steal? Everywhere you went? From the store, from families? Cleptomania is real. So is the compulsion to do drugs, or commit adultery. Oh man. I'd so much rather be a happy lesbian wife!

I hurt because this topic has caused such a huge wedge between Christians and the LGBT community. Mormons specifically. I have felt close in my heart that a child near me (soon) is going to need my love because they will be born with same gender attraction, I hope to never make the mistake many religious people do, and shame them or turn them away from God. I want them to know they are unique and valued, like everyone else. I will teach them truth, from the Bible.

I apologize if any of my comments translated offensively. I was nervous writing this and didn't know how it would come off..and I totally accept people feeling differently about it. I was just very consumed with this topic today. My head and heart are full of questions and Why must we go through this wonderings. I wish I had an easy answer and all the solutions. I don't know everything, but I do believe in God and Christ and I believe if they "gave unto man weakness" then they can "make weak things strong". (Bible) We are ALL partakers in weakness. May we judge less, extend the olive branch further, and help others see that Mormons DON'T hate homosexuals.


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