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BlogTober! The Moments We Stand

During the month of October, I'm going to cover a few blogposts that mean something to me. Hence the term "BlogTober!"

Today I want to cover The Moments We Stand and the post Ashlee Harmon Birk did on Dawn Armstrong.
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I happened to briefly meet Dawn while filming our Bookwise commercial last week before Conference weekend. We didn't get to discuss anything personal, but I can say she is the sweetest and she even cracked a few jokes that I myself would've come up with! Perhaps we have similar wit, and similar stories of hope!

I wish we had had hours to talk...I wish I could sit down with both Dawn and Ashlee and just pick their brains. I admit, I am not always so positive about the hellfire I have been through, and often the PTSD still surfaces. I want to be the best wife and mother I can, and I also want to be proactive about the causes I believe in by spreading the word. It is through service to others, volunteer work, and public speaking that I feel most fulfilled.
These women have set an example. For me and for everyone. What it means to go through some huge trial and witness heartache and a destruction of family, and yet to pick up the pieces and stay strong. This is so inspirational!

I wasn't always "strong". After my heartache, and my horrible divorce, I fell quite far. It took me a long time to even have the motivation to "want" to go on. Motherhood encouraged me to be my best. Faith in God and the feelings of His love for me gave me the strength I needed. Now, I rely on stories of others to keep me going! To remind me to look for the positive, even on a rough day.

Dawn states: "I took any treatment that he dished out, because I knew that I deserved it. I was nothing. I had never been special or important to anyone my whole life. I felt lucky that he loved me, or at least cared enough to stick around. I didn’t want to feel alone in the world anymore."

How this has been true for me many times in my past!

How so many women can relate.

Although both Dawn Armstrong and Ashlee Harmon Birk have been through situations I would consider tougher than mine, I like to think we have a little in common. Life struck us, in our deepest places and brought us to our knees. We all used God to bring back hope and faith, and now we continue to share our stories in hopes of helping others!!

In Ashlee's post she quotes Dawn saying, "What you can’t tell from first glance, is that I, am a warrior. "
What a warrior she is!

I watched Ashlee Harmon birk's story on Dateline awhile back and thought, I recognize her. I was aghast to realize she was so close by. I could not believe what she went through! These things happen all around is. They happen to "normal" people. To "good" people.

Then I met Dawn Armstrong and she told me to visit her website that details snippets of her life. I cannot wait for her book A New Dawn to come out. I really need people like this in my life. I need a greater influence of hope and faith. I need to surround myself with positive people who choose happiness. These are goals I have made for myself and am striving to be like these people. They are an inspiration to me.

This quote from the blog post:
"If we put a dollar value to grief, rooms couldn’t hold our riches. Each struggle we face here in our mortal journey, no matter how painstaking…will become some of the most valuable currency there is. 
We are liberated from grief and trauma when we allow ourselves to feel it and let it change us. That is what those experiences are meant to teach.


Really means a lot to me.
I recommend checking out The Moments We Stand and
To learn more about Ashlee Harmon birk and Dawn Armstrong and the wonderful work they are doing for women--and everyone!!!

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