Monday, October 24, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week 41

Week 41!!! Eeeee it's so much closer to week 52 which is the LAST WEEK OF 2017!

This week's prompt for the gratitude challenge is: favorite hobbies.
How do I narrow it down!? Lol

Let's see...I came out of the womb singing and dancing and spent a good portion of my life involved in both. I love the performance arts with every inch of me. 

I LUUUURRRRVVV to write. I have a gift with words and want to use it to reflect Christ. I have written five novels, the first of which "Conquest of Canaan: Og" is doing very well. The sequel will be released in 2017. Then the third following that. Once those books are out, I will work on publishing the other series which is a crime/thriller women's fiction.

I like music. I play the piano and compose "film score" style music. I gave the Taylor Swift sound a go, but it just wasn't my thing. But I can write a 9 minute long orchestral saga in a flash ;) ( Not saying it's Hans Zimmer or anything)

I am a cosmetologist and have had a very successful career. I love doing hair. It's part of my artsy fartsy self. Although I completely suck at makeup. Wth?

I think I'm a pretty good chef. Cooking is my specialty. Still workin on baking. I think I get it from my uncle.

I love to exercise. Joining a competitive gymnastics team by the age of five, I learned how to discipline the body and mind very young. I am so grateful for that. It has been so much a part of my life that I don't really know what it's like to not eat healthy and work out regularly, other than my surgeries and after giving birth. Even pregnant I kept at it pretty steadily. I've learned that you appreciate what you have so much more when you work your butt off for it rather than cheating... like having an eating disorder to be "skinny". There's nothing special about skinny. Lots of people can do it, and many do it to the extreme. To me this is a mental disorder. I have mastered the mind and live to eat lots of food, and then burn it off in crazy good workouts.  My body has muscle tone but it is also very healthy on the inside. Hopefully my bones and organs will hold up for many more years :)

I'm a big movie buff. I like watching movies (first to listen to the film score and then to watch the actors and cinemetography) I have an eclectic taste from blockbuster Michael Bay to Indie films to Quinten Terrantino.

Lastly, I like making friends. I try my hardest to be nice to people and extend the olive branch at the earliest convenience. I like to be there for people when they've gone through something rough: I love to stop by unannounced with goodies. I like to have play dates with our kids. I've made so many new friends just this year and it has brought me a sense of peace, as this year was emotionally turbulent for me. 

And that about sums up my week 41 of the 52 weeks of gratitude challenge! Wow...see you at week 42!!:)

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