Sunday, September 18, 2016

Anxiety and Depression

If you don't have anxiety or depression, count yourself numbered among the many God has blessed with a barrier around your heart. The conditions of anxiety, in my opinion, are not mental disorders brought on only by genetics and failed human behaviors by those incapable of mastering their psych, but rather anxiety and depression can be a direct result from the BLESSING of God to those He knew needed to feel and understand compassion, charity, pain, sacrifice, and love as close to Jesus Christ as possible.

As mortals, it is near impossible to grasp this level of "feeling" and our physical bodies can react under the pressure. Nonetheless, I remain firm in believing it is not simply a nuisance, but also a special gift, to be able to feel the anxieties and depressions of the world, as opposed to not, for those who are aware of what pains need comfort, and what problems need solved, will be the ones to make those drastic changes, as Christ did. Yes, it is also a blessing to never experience the throes of anxiety or depression, to never know the weight and torture of living with feelings that can only in the most minor degree relate to the Savior's atonement, but it is likewise a blessing to know emotional disorders. Rather than calling yourself mentally ill, call yourself sensitive to the otherworldly powers God has bestowed upon you in order to fulfill your work here on the earth.

"God will not require of us what He has not provided us the tools with which to succeed." 💜
By Brittany Shannon

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