Friday, August 26, 2016

Whitewash Your Fireplace: Easy DIY

I apologize for not having pics up immediately, but you can see them on my Pinterest. My phone is weird and won't let me upload so as soon as I get on my laptop, I'll add them I promise!
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So I whitewashed my fireplace today. On a total whim. Took me about an hour or two total with running around and dealing with two crazy kids.

I already had white paint so this was virtually free.

I did what bloggers say to do. Mixed equal parts paint and water. I painted over the brick, but I chose to actually not do 100% full coverage. There a teeny weeny bits of brick showing through after I blotted with a wet towel. Both me and my husband LOVE IT!!! 

Anyway, I redid the decor on the mantel as well just using stuff I have around the house. I rearranged some other shelves and voila.

This was seriously easy peasy. I am a big fan of DIY and especially when the project is quick and cheap.
Love my fireplace makeover!
(Pics coming soon here: visit Pinterest to see the before and after)

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