Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Virtual Facebook Book Launch Party

Hey guys!
Tomorrow is the first of September and it begins the official countdown to Sept 27, 2016!
That is the date for the virtual book launch party for my book.
Conquest of Canaan: Og
This is the first book in my trilogy.
It's a historical fiction based on true biblical events surrounding renowned army general, Joshua, and the barbaric Conquest of Canaan.
The daunting crusade of battle parallels the intensity of growing up. A charismatic Rebby, a gentle-hearted Travin, and a self-destructive Kaya unearth the complexity of tactical brilliance, faith, and survival.

There will be four guest authors at this book launch party, and they will get to discuss books of their own.
We will have discussions, Q&A, and giveaways.
Books, books, and more books!

In lieu of the official launch, I've had the wonderful Elise Orzco with Mos Pics and Vids make my official book trailer. It debuts tomorrow and you won't wanna miss it. Here is a teaser below.
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Thanks everyone. I'm having a blast and am loving all the support for my book.
Go, OG!

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