Saturday, August 6, 2016

Special Thanks

A lot of people have helped me over the last few months.

I had excellent help from the Bookwise staff in editing and polishing this manuscript.

Fran did my cover design and interior design. She listened to what I said, followed it detail for detail, and did SUPERB. I'm just tickled with my book cover/back cover.

Dayna has been so so so incredible wonderful. She's been there, answering my text messages within MINUTES, literally, at any time of the day. She always had a good answer, a positive reinforcement, and a bulls eye work ethic. I love her so much, I referred my grandfather to her, who is now relaunching his OWN book, The Chairman! (A war novel--check it out!)

Karen has praised my work and said I've "converted" her to the "stylized" writing that is trending right now for New Adult readers :) She sat side by side with me during the final read through and gave me good insights. She's got friendliness for dayzzzz.

And lastly, just to be a bit of a scalawag (because I like that word--and I am one more often than I should be)
I'd like to thank the people who thought I couldn't...who thought I never would...who laughed, or rolled their eyes, or thought writers are just lame, boring people, who sit at home and don't really make a living doing anything significant. You couldn't have motivated me more!

"Everything happens for a reason."
Tasia, Og

but for now, please check out Conquest of Canaan: Book 1 Og.
The historical fiction based on true events.
New Adult Adventure Drama.
By Brittany Shannon


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