Monday, August 29, 2016

Meet the Bookstagrammer

Hi. I'm Brittany.
There are a LOT of Brittanys out there...and I must admit. I live up to the stereotype of girls named "Brittany". Although I'm a little less Spears, a little more Murphy, with an essence of Britagne, France. 
Wondering who I am and why I wrote my book, OG, the first in my Conquest of Canaan series?
Here is a short video you can watch. Disclaimer: my production budget was .03$ so don't be alarmed by the grainy quality and my stunt double, AKA my daughter who is as camera shy as I am. ;)
Let me know if you have read/are reading Og, and let's discuss it!
Thanks for meeting me, the author.
Brittany Shannon
Watch the full length video on my Author Facebook page here:

(YouTube link coming soon )

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