Sunday, August 14, 2016

LDS Diversity: By Brittany Shannon

Sunday Thoughts:

These days, being an LDS woman is a lot of things. It is sometimes giving, beautiful, honest, and virtuous. It is also becoming increasingly annoying, judgmental, and lackadaisical. This Sunday, after some deliberation (and poor judgment on my part) I decided to challenge myself to be a new standard of 'LDS woman'. I want to prove to the world it IS possible to be a loving, open, beautiful, fashionable, kind, and virtuous person, regardless of religion or race. I have beliefs, which are unique to my religion, but instead of giving them up to fit into a banquet of world standards, or making people feel worse for having different beliefs than me, I want to challenge myself to be an example to everyone-of what an LDS woman is, stands for, and how we are special in a way that varies from someone else's "special". I will be open about parts of me, my past, my present, and my future, chronicling my ambition to create a platform to proudly express who I am. I LOVE diversity. I hope you will all LOVE ME...and follow along with this challenge. Hashtag: #LDSDiversity 

By Brittany Shannon

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