Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Introductions

#FridayIntroductions! Yay it's #friyay and I am ready for the #weekend. I am leaving on a seven day #roadtrip tomorrow and can't wait to share with you all my #WONDERFUL #ADVENTURES! Follow along as I traverse the #westcoast and tell me your favorite hidden #beach, #restaurant, or #hike!
Anyway, I usually post #fivefunfacts about me, but today I just want to post 1. Because it is the biggest ONE and my favoritist mostest importantist one:
1️⃣I am a believer in Christ.
First and foremost, as a Christian, it is my belief to love and welcome many different believers and Faiths. Second, I must stand as a witness, at all times, in all things, and in all places. #YwValues.
I want to be a light of Christ, and let it "shine before men" that they may see my "good works". I want my "talents to reflect Christ". I've worked so hard to become the woman I am today, that includes outrunning the reputation of who I've been in the past. 
I know there are many women out there, in this world, with millions of social media followers, who "claim" their Christian beliefs but do not always follow them. It pains me that in the world we live in today, with such heartache and confusion, that women would not take a stand for what they believe in and give others a positive example to look up to. These influential women have not stood out from the world, they have become part of it. 
It is my hope and prayer to remain a solid, feet-on-the ground woman of Christ, no matter where my successes take me. I want to employ my religion, because religion to me is a verb, not a noun. If you aren't sure what I believe in, I will show you. Through my words and deeds. And in the event that I fail, well, I ask for the most Christlike gift of all: #forgiveness.

By Brittany Shannon
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