Saturday, August 6, 2016

Favorite Bible Story

Do you have a favorite bible story?

I am no bible expert, but I have a few favorite bible stories. For the next few weeks, in lieu of my BOOK LAUNCH about the bible story encompassing Joshua, and his conquest of Canaan
(Hence the title of my series Conquest of Canaan)
I'm going to discuss some of my favorite bible stories.

One of my all time favorite stories in the bible is about Jacob and Rachel.
(Beginning in Genesis 29)
I think it is probably the only "love" story that takes place in the bible, too.

I have always found it interesting that love stories aren't more abundant in scripture, but then again I don't think we were sent to earth for "Happily-ever-after." This is why the bible story of Jacob and Rachel is so endearing.

Jacob wanted to marry Rachel. Rachel's father made Jacob work for him for seven years, offering to let Rachel marry him after the seven years were completed.
Genesis 29:20
"So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her."

I literally get teary-eyed.

But after seven years, Rachel's father changed his mind and said Jacob needed to work SEVEN MORE YEARS.
Can you imagine?!?

What a love!

Jacob worked a total of fourteen years to earn Rachel's hand in marriage.

I think that is quite the love story. I don't know if many man-if any-would be willing to go through that much for a woman. How sweet would it be?
Maybe more men should be reading the bible, eh?

Take a cue from Jacob.

Anyways, read the bible for the full details! But that is my favorite bible story for today.

Comment below and share one of yours!
By Brittany Shannon

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