Thursday, August 11, 2016

Favorite Bible Stories

Another favorite bible stories post!
Today it is dedicated to my book, Og.
This is Book 1 in my Conquest of Canaan series.
These books are based on true events, revolving around the war that consumed the spine of Canaan roughly around 1406BC.
If you aren't familiar with this bible story, I'll summarize it for you.
It happens to be one of my favorite stories in the bible, which is why I turned an entire trilogy into it!

Te story begins when Joshua is called as the general of the Israelite army. At this time, Canaan was promised to the Israelites as a holy land. God commanded Joshua and his army to call all the Canaanites to repentance. Many of these kings refused. It was then that the war began. Joshua followed God's commands by destroying hundreds of cities. They traversed across all the eastern side of the Jordan River, literally burning every man, woman, child, and every breathing thing. 

This part of the bible isn't often talked about, as it seems gruesome and barbaric. But even more barbaric were the ways of the Canaanites. 
In my story, I briefly cover the evil ways of these kingdoms that God commanded to be destroyed. The Canaanites worshiped false idols, practiced whoredoms, sorcery, child sacrifices, incest, and all manner of wickedness. It is no wonder why God asked them to repent, and when they refused they were then killed. 

There are many of these stories in the bible, where God asks te people to be better and when they don't they are put to death. 

I love the triumph of Israel in this story. Joshua is such a faithful and fearless leader. In my book, Og, I create a fictional story based around these characters and the events that took place in the bible.
Hope you all like it!
By Brittany Shannon

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