Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Easy Dinner Recipe that's Healthy and Organic

I swear, most of my dinner recipes consist of me piling every good thing in my fridge together!
Today I'm making stuffed spaghetti squash (again) but different than my first time.

While cooking the spaghetti squash (cut vertical and face down on a water-lined cookie sheet) at 350 for 45 min, I went out into my garden to pick yellow grape tomatoes and kale. I started some rice and began sautéing my chicken sausage with artichoke hearts in garlic. Then I added kidney beans, the tomatoes and kale with half cup olive oil and one small can of tomato sauce.

As it simmered I added some spices. Dash of black pepper and a TBS of Italian Seasoning.

I took out the spaghetti squash and shredded it. Then I stuffed with the rice and the veggie and sausage mixture. I will add a bit of spaghetti squash to it, but I also save a ton for other meals. (Thai noodles!! Mmmm)

And voila! It's so gourmet and yet I barely did a thing!
It's healthy and guilt-free.

Organic goodness.
What an easy dinner recipe!
Share if you try it or share a favorite dinner recipe of your own that is healthy and organic.

Or tell me about your McDonalds. Either way:)
(I totally eat there, too)

By Brittany Shannon

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