Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Teaser!

Ready for a fun teaser from my book Og?
This is a snippet from the first book in my Conquest of Canaan series.
If you saw my meme on Instagram (@AuthorBrittanyShannon)
or Facebook (Author Brittany Shannon)
you probably know that this is the same scene where a "boy becomes a man."
Read below one of my favorite moments in this book, and one that was....ahem...inspired a bit by Fight Club. :)

Og was a thrill to write, from start to finish. My editors LOVED this scene. One said, "I am not an expert at fight scenes, but I think you did an excellent job. I was on the edge of my seat."

And now, for the moment you've been waiting for (For probably thirty seconds)
The excerpt from Conquest of Canaan: Og by Brittany Shannon.


All of the punches I took as a kid surface in my memory. I have experienced failure before. This is not as severe.
I spit blood out to the side and try to react quickly. Go for the body. To disrupt Luko’s rhythm, I throw fast punches, moving up and down, causing him to work double time on defense. When I have a clear shot of his face, I put full power into the hit. My knuckles crack on impact.
This time, he staggers from the contact.
The viewers holler instigating remarks. But Luko comes at me with more determination, swinging a right cross. I intercept his hit with a left jab straight to his head, making sure to hold my left shoulder high to protect my face. More soldiers clap in approval. Then Luko is wrapped around my waist, hoisting me upward, slamming me into the dirt. We scuffle like this a moment, my smaller size benefiting me as I weasel away.
On my feet, I circle him, each of us acting as if we won’t engage. Swiftly, Luko charges at me by stepping his left foot to the outside of my right foot. He throws two wide right crosses, followed by a right hook to my body. The power behind the last punch cripples me to my knees. A searing pain perforates my ribs. Contrary to the golden rule not to show pain, I grimace.
The crowd cheers as Luko steps back, allowing me to find my breath. I wipe the back of my hand across my mouth, staining my skin red. Blood but not teeth, that is good.
Gradually, I find my footing. Rebby whoops positively from the sidelines. He’s smiling like an imp at me. I challenge him to do better. Turning back to my rival, I face a sudden comprehension. Luko is panting. He’s tired. I’m not nearly as out of breath as he is. I still have much strength in me.
Rolling my shoulders, I start to ring around him once more. He fakes a jab. I evade it. His massive arm swings out toward my face again and I duck beneath it, rolling to the ground and coming up behind him. I am the squirrel and he the tree. I punch his left side repeatedly until he doubles over. By now his breath is coming in harshly. I speed around in front of him. Without hesitating, I throw an uppercut that catches him under the chin, followed by a right cross.
Luko slumps to his knees, leaning a hand against the ground for support. Someone from the crowd shouts, “Finish him!” I back away a few steps, scanning the audience that stands illuminated in the torchlight. My adrenaline is pumping the blood through my joints, giving me a surge of energy. I can do this. I can keep this up. I can fly.

Copyright Brittany Shannon Lemmon
Conquest of Canaan: Og

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