Friday, August 5, 2016

Author Brittany Shannon: Update

Hi again:)

I wanted to share an update: my first book, Og, is going to be released. In just a little while!!
This is the first novel in my series, Conquest of Canaan.
By Brittany Shannon.

This is such a fun, unique read that I think reaches a wide audience. I've gotten feedback from men, women, girls, boys. My only recommendation would be witholding it from anyone under 16 years of age. No, this book isn't Game of Thrones graphic, but it borders on gritty and talks about some icky stuff. 

This series is based on true events, covering one of my favorite bible stories. It is a historical fiction, targeting New Adults and YA fiction readers. 
Short synopsis tease below:

Og is an imaginative historical narrative about a girl named Kaya Lucan, and her childhood friend Travin Samuli Shelomo. These two characters couldn't be more opposite. They grow up in a pompously neutral territory, Avoca, along the Spine of Canaan--a notoriously violent area during 1406BC. Kaya Lucan is a cynical glutton--her favorite indulgence being wine. Travin, on the other hand, has been trying to outrun a soiled family name and establish honor for himself. Bullied constantly in his youth, he finally achieves success when he is drafted into the Israelite army, alongside his best friend Rebby Daan. Avoca is destroyed by diseased rebels, and to her horror, Kaya realizes many of the men she has known her whole life have formed secret combinations, training the participants in the ways of the Israelites. With the threat of extermination lingering, and fear of the disease and Canaanite enemies, Kaya recklessly joins the army of Israelite soldiers and marches to their stronghold at Shittim. Battlefronts prove to be only one of the many life-altering adventures these friends will face, along with a new, God-fearing religion employed by the seemingly barbaric Israelite people.

Love, survival, and faith weave together a story of war and strife. Sometimes it isn't what, but WHO, you would save when you have only a second to decide. Soul-searching and self-destructing habits reform Kaya Lucan and Travin Shelomo. The Israelites combat massive Canaanite armies--literally. King Og was compared to a Cedar Tree with an iron bed nine cubits in length. War fronts and captivity are a far cry from the once peaceful life these friends lived in Avoca. Their loyalty to one another, even amidst such confrontation, is an endearing attribute of this action-filled saga. Conquering city after city, the army led by the famous military general, Joshua, plans to march to Jericho.
More blood. More death. 
"Kill every living thing. Every man, woman, and child."

Can you imagine...what it must have been like to live back then?
Stay tuned for the release of Og, by Brittany Shannon.

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