Sunday, July 24, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge: Week 28

Why, how fast did week 28 go by??? Phew... Tomorrow begins week 29! I'm not sure whether this 52 week challenge was a great idea, now that I'm realizing how rapidly 2016 is flying by...:) But I AM grateful it has been a reminder to have gratitude in my heart.

Unrelated to the prompt this week, I have some vegetables to harvest from my garden! I'm so excited. Gardening is super fun to me, not to mention rewarding. And the veggies taste soooo much better when homegrown! Anyway, I cut up a cucumber and some yellow grape tomatoes. My daughter devoured the cucumber, but disliked the tomatoes. More for me?? Evil laugh...

On to the prompt for this week, week 28 of the 52 weeks of gratitude challenge: Your past.

Geez, I'm not sure where to even begin. My past has shaped me so much. It has also made me angry a lot, but as I grow older I come to understand the scripture "and all things shall work together for your good." My past has shaped me and molded me. I call it my "boot camp." It has made me the woman I am today, so how could I possibly regret it? Strained childhood, broken relationships, abuse ending in a divorce, several years of wallowing and drinking heavily, some physical injuries and ailments, becoming a mother. These are the BIG moments in my past that I am grateful for. They are going to help guide me in the rest of my journey. I truly believe I am going to succeed as a mother and pretty much anything else I want, as long as I submit my will to God and stay humble. 

I read a quote today I love: Successful people aren't gifted. They just work really hard and succeed on purpose." 

Week 28, let's do this!
                                                              Author Brittany Shannon

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