Friday, June 17, 2016

Introducing Brittany Shannon Books

Hello, everyone. It may not be a shock for some of you, but for others you may be surprised to hear that I am publishing my first book! I started writing this book ten years ago and it has gone through many, MANY drafts to the point where it is almost nothing like the original. This book is titled Og, and it is the first in my historical fiction series Conquest of Canaan. I am so so so excited for this dream of mine to become a reality, I can hardly stand it. Other authors know just why this is such a long process but the rest of you have probably thought I was just having high hopes because, well, I've been talking about it for ten years. Well, it is finally just around the corner. I've had an awesome team working with me. My cover turned out exactly how I wanted and designed. My producer Dayna has been such a doll, so nice and professional, and Karen at Bookwise is like the Aunt I've been missing :) I have many people to thank, and I will over the coming months. Please, send your love my way and don't forget to check out Og when pre-sales launch! I'll keep you posted. 


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