Wednesday, June 15, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week 23

52 Weeks of Gratitude challenge: week 23
52 Weeks of gratitude week 23: favorite physical trait. On the blog.

Somewhere over the years the meaning of "beauty" became a physical thing. Just like everyone else, I strive to feel good on the outside. But I stand firm in my belief that beauty is 100% a spiritual attribute that encompasses a person's soul, all the true desires of their heart. Real beauty stands the test of time. It does not age, wrinkle, or crack. Being beautiful also makes one happy, so much more so than the "ideal" physical appearance. As it is, the most physically attractive people I know are the most unhappy, consumed by personal endeavors that neither increase joy for others nor their eternal glory. It is my wish my children grow up to understand what it means to be beautiful and to recognize their individuality with gladness. For the worth of every soul is great.
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