Sunday, June 5, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week 21

52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week 21
Things You Love About Summer!!÷

Um, everything?!?! Hello, summer is my favorite! I love sunshine, heat, baking in both. (My spirit animal is lizard) I love water, getting a tan, drinking lemonade, watching my kids dig in the dirt--or eat it, if they're 8 months old--jumping on the tramp, going camping. Which we haven't attempted yet with both kiddos. Yikes! Haha...

Summer is my favorite time of year. I am eternally grateful for warm weather. Blue skies. Days like today when the sky is blue from one end to the other are my absolute favorite. I sit outside every day. (uh. Hopefully I can avoid cancer :/)
I do wear sunscreen. Disclaimer: don't do what I do unless you wana be a wrinkly old hag some day.

I love going on bi-weekly hikes. Exercising. Swimming. I miss the beach. But this time of year would be my favorite time to hit the ocean waves.

And that concludes my review of week 21...yep, super late. Tomorrow begins week 22 of the 52 week challenge's a good one!
Stay tuned.

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