Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What is Baby Reflux?

So, I filmed this at six in the morning. I was so exhausted and obviously looked super glamorous. Haha. This is my life. On the regular.

For people who don't know what reflux is, it is a condition where your baby is missing a valve that keeps their food down. Both my kids had it as babies. (Well my son is still only 5 months old and going strong with his vomit) It also makes them scream their heads off for 9 months or so, until their insides develop enough. Its like acid reflux or heart burn for adults. Yuck. Sucks as the baby, sucks as the parent, sucks as the laundry. Seriously, laundry wins every time. 

I don't mean like, spit up, here or there. I mean FULL on, projectile, exorcist puke machine. Soaking wet. Stinking. Loveliness. Even as I'm typing this, my son is screaming Guar. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE hearing that my kids smell like spit up? Its so fun. Do you have ANY idea how many times I have changed both of our clothes today? Yeah. We are gonna ride it out until bathttime in this slobbery wet carrot-sweet potato-squash ensemble because I'm low on detergent and emotional stability. Peace out, girl scout.

Don't judge the video quality. For professional mom blogs, check out  Elise Mama Bear Videos.  Her Vlogs are legit. 2 legit 2 quit. (For all things mama and babies!)

So anyways, it's in black and white to sort of mask my natural beauty. See my zit on my cheek? Real cute. And that hair!?! Expensive stylist. As you can tell, I have mad editing skills. Ridley Scott, I'm comin at ya! (shakes head somberly) I downloaded a random video making ap and threw it together. But it took me about 7 times to get it uploaded because I'm technologically challenged. Scratch that. I am YouTube challenged. Me and YouTube have an unhappy marriage. But like the dedicated soul I am, I keep working at it. It takes forgiveness and honest communication.'s been a long morning and I ran out of Mountain Dew. I've been in a great mood, however. This morning was just like every other morning, except my daughter slept in until almost 7! Of course, my son woke her up with his fussing. But I love having them join me in bed. I wanted to capture the moment because it was funny to me and I know one day I'll look back and giggle. Except not today. Because I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my tempurpedic mattress topper...

Enjoy :)

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