Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Powerful Words for Upcoming Easter Remembrance

Easter is approaching and I am looking for ways to incorporate Christ more into my day to day life.

I read a wonderful talk tonight with a wonderful message about seeing one another through our parents' eyes. (it can be found on lds.org titled: It isn't about you, but what God can do through you.)

It really amazed me. I do understand it isn't about me or my talents. It is about how I use them for God's purposes. It doesn't matter if I'm the best singer in the world if I'm not using my gift to testify of Christ. My attitude also won't help me help others or love them if I can't see them how my Heavenly Father sees them. Especially people I find trying.

So. As stated, I am going to "beg" for the ability to love my neighbors the way a parent would love their child. Even the buggers:) I will pray to be filled with humility and see if I can draw closer to them, despite their untoward actions. It will be great !!! I can't wait for Easter, y'all.

Hoppy Easter comings!!

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