Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Kids Don't Respect Adults

My Kids Don't Respect adults.
My Kids respect everyone.

Well, my kids are (nearly) 2 and (nearly) 6 months, so they kinda are at an advantage. Most of what they say and do consists of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.
Nonetheless, I am raising them to be incredibly respectful human beings. I want my kids to respect adults, other kids, seniors, juniors, animals, property, you name it.

This idea that kids don't have to respect other kids because they're "just kids" is beyond me. It makes absolutely no sense. In fact, it supports bullying and turns kids into bullies and victims. These days, we are having more problems with bullies and less respectful human beings, and it starts with parents not teaching their kids the value of kindness.

I have made it my dying wish to have kind children that grow into even kinder adults. I have vowed to handle each baby cry fest, or toddler tantrum, with all the kindness I can muster, and serve as an example to them that respectful behavior is not just necessary, or necessary between children and kids, but that it is crucial kids respect adults, adults respect kids, and kids respect one another.

I do not believe kids need to "respect adults" for the sake of respecting a senior. Human beings are not superior to one another because of age. That is not what Christ taught. Yes, we must honor our mother and father, but we must also love one another as Jesus loved us.

It is important to be a respectable adult, however, if you expect children to respect you. It is hypocritical to hold a minor to a standard you do not hold yourself to. If you do not lead by example, or if you are an unkind human, a kid is going to pick up on that. If you yell at them and scream or cuss, or lie or steal, etc, and then turn around and try to teach your kid right and wrong, be ready for some hardship.

Adults must also respect children. Just because they are younger does not make them dumber or inferior. In fact, these souls have come to earth in the latter days, in harder times, with more prominent sin. If you ask me, they are stronger souls than we ever will be. It is our job to raise them appropriately. To teach them kindness and love and respect, for all the people of the world.

I do not condone disrespectful behavior in any person, regardless of age. I am actually very strict on who I allow in my home and around my kids based on their level of kindness. I truly find it so critical that I focus so much of my parenthood on instilling this attribute, and I have found it to be enjoyable, rewarding (Heck yes. My Kids are sooo sweet) and also fairly manageable. I think people who give up educating their chilren on the basic principle of respect are....well....lazy. Sorry. But it's the truth. It takes effort, constant, effort. All day. Every day. To counteract bad moments, replace them with good ones. It also makes me work on MYSELF! Because I know I am being watched and emulated

I have found it quite easy to handle my toddler's "toddler" behavior and you know what, when I do so in a Christ like manner, she responds very well. I do not yell at her, or around her. I lead by example. I act in a way I want her to act. She is still a sweet, gentle human and I am so proud of her.

I encourage everyone to look out for our future by protecting our posterity and teaching them better skills to be kind and respectful individuals. It is NEVER too young to learn!!

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