Wednesday, March 30, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 13

"Most of what God requires us to do in this life is out of courtesy to others. Sometimes, it means doing something we didn't want to, or giving up something we did want, to help someone else. It doesn't matter if we are the most successful, talented, or liked, human being, if we are not courteous to those around us."


Week 13: a trial you have overcome.

This 52 Weeks of Gratitude is significantly helping me focus on how blessed I am, instead of how stressed I am. That, in and of itself, is a trial I'm overcoming!! However, I want to pick one rather personal. Instead of going into detail, I'll highlight the main point.

You've heard me talk about my behavior towards people I find tiresome. There is a person I know who has given me grief for some time. They've lied to me, offended me. Hurt my feelings. Been rude to everyone around them, stomping their feet to get what they want. Pretty much just been awful, in every avenue. I've had a rough time being forgiving and compassionate towards them. I have attended the temple (LDS) several times, each time being prompted to add their name to the prayer roll. I kept thinking, well, obviously that means this person needs help. Deep down, I want to want to help them. But as of now, I can only want God to help them. So I put their name on the prayer roll and went on my way. I finally came to realize just now, week 13 of 2016, that I was not putting their name down for their same, but for my own!  I was being taught a very important lesson each time I was prompted to write down that person's name.

 The lesson was this : you don't have to like them. You don't have to like what they do. But you do have to love them the way Jesus would. And be courteous in your actions !

 I immediately thought of all the rude things I'd said or done (no, I'm not a backstabber, but I did remark on my dislike of this person often) or I would just ignore them altogether. I felt bad about it. My level of resentment towards their unkind demeanor lifted. I felt sorry for them, instead of angry. My trial I overcame was compassion and forgiveness for people who don't ask for it even after being a rotten human. Lets face it, I have been rotten at times. It just takes others longer to realize that they are not being good. Maybe they never will? Who knows. It doesn't matter because I am only in charge of myself, and it has made me much happier to be content with the person I was struggling to tolerate. I'm at peace, knowing they may never change, or befriend me, or care about my ups and downs, or stop doing all of that to everyone else they come in contact with. I understand that they live in a bit of misery, some of it self induced, some of it I have no idea. And I can feel sorry for their misery and perhaps be a light for them, instead of another bitter person to come and go. I feel renewed and strengthened. 

I call that success!! And a magnificent blessing and a miracle and the hand of my Heavenly Father at work.

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