Monday, March 21, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 12

Weeeeeeek 12!!!
(Spring is here. Eeeee!)
So we are on week 12 of the 52 weeks of gratitude Challenge and this week's prompt is your favorite personality trait! Haha...

Well, my go to is usually humor, but since I chose that under 5 things i like about myself, I'm going to go with my second option which is my "air of confidence". I'm not talking about thinking I'm super sexy. Although I'd call myself sexy in my yoga pants, with soggy breast pads and baby barf down my leg....oh, yeah baby. No, I mean my confidence in life. I pride myself on being centered, and knowing how to go about my business in a kind and calm manner. 99% of the time.

"Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength."

We all know those rude people, the ones that don't know how to go about their business kindly, or who pretty much can't do anything nice. They use rudeness to bully people, or to get their way. It is most certainly an imitation of strength. They are horribly insecure individuals. I also pride myself on not being insecure. I'm very self-assured. 99% of the time.

I know who I am, where I came from, where I'm going, and how I'm going to get there= God. Heavenly Father. His Son. That is my everything, and I try to revolve my life around it entirely. Because of that, I avoid anyone or anything that will threaten my potential, be a negative/rude camaraderie, or just put a roadblock in my way. That is why I chose this quote to go along with this week.

"Weak people revenge.
Strong people forgive.
Intelligent people ignore."

Not only did I laugh out loud but it couldn't be MORE TRUE for who I am....AND NOW YOU KNOW WHY I IGNORE YOU;););)

Onward, ever onward. Press forward ever on to serve our King.
Happy Monday y'all

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