Saturday, February 20, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude Week 6 and 7

I promise I've been diligent in my challenge, I just slack on posting it here.

For week 6 and 7, we were asked to write about what we were thankful about for a Friend and for the city we live in.

I am glad the city I live in is close to all my family members. I really do enjoy being so close to all my siblings and my parents. It makes me happy!! We hang out so much it's weird.

For Friend 1. I choose my husband. I know, cop out. But he is my best friend and it makes life so much more enjoyable. When you marry your best friend, you can't stand being mad at each other. You genuinely like spending time together, so you get over your fights quickly. You respect one another. You might piss each other off now and then, but you always work it out because you miss your best friend.

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