Saturday, January 16, 2016

Eat Good, Feel Better: Easy Recipes

I like to cook, and I find it very therapeutic. I'm also a health nut and prefer, when possible, to shop organic. I eat little meat and dairy, but I'm not a total vegan. I love my lifestyle, but it isn't cheap. Having done some research, I learned that it costs one person roughly $8 a day to eat "regular" or unhealthy. It costs roughly $35 a person a day to eat HEALTHY. That number scares most people into eating junk. Sadly, they don't realize that what they put into their bodies has long-term side affects.

Making the change to eat well is a sacrifice you have to make, but it isn't difficult once you adjust your budget. Cut back on coffee, eating out, tanning, whatever stuff you spend pocket change on. For me, it has been a lovely effort and I really enjoy the results.

Tonight, I made two extremely yummy dishes. A meal and a dessert, from ingredients I had lying around. Most of you have these items in your kitchen too. So if you wana give them a try, here ya go:

Dinner: Chicken Apple Quinoa Sautee
Dessert: Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes (vegan/paleo friendly)

Both combined are nearly fat free, besides olive oil and the lean fats in chicken, and the pumpkin puree. Seriously, it doesn't get better than this!!

For dinner, I started sauteeing garlic in 2 tbsp of olive oil. I used about 4 cloves. I added half cup of chopped red onions and 2 granny apples chopped. I cut up 5 chicken tenders and added them, along with lots of thyme, hint of cinnamon, black pepper, and salt. (yeah, sorry, I don't measure....) then I added about 1 cup chicken stock and sprinkled quinoa on top. I happen to know about how much would soak up the chicken stock without burning the pan. I then cut up 2 97% fat free hot dogs and tossed them in. Te he...yum.

While that was simmering, I blended 2 bananas with 1 can 100% pumpkin puree. Add about 2 tsp vanilla extract, and pumpkin pie seasonings. (nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger) sweeten with 2 TBS maple syrup and a packet of stevia. Full up muffin tins and bake at 350 for 20 min. Create whipped topping by using full fat coconut milk. (chill the can, scoop the fatty milk off the top of water separation and whip with beaters) Voila.

Hope you try them out and LOVE them 😊 IF YOU DO, leave your comments below and send me a recipe fav of your own!!

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