Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Resolutions: 52 weeks of Gratitude

So, this is my goal. To complete this 52 week Gratitude Challenge.

Hopefully I can gut it out, lol.

#1. Why start this challenge?
Answer: because I have a real gratitude problem.

I let my stresses overwhelm me and affect my mood when, in reality, I live a more blessed life than 95% of the world. I need to count my blessings. I used to think having a bad hair day, running out of gas, and having a fight with my man were seriously bad day worthy. Now, it is a crying baby, surviving a week on 5 hours of sleep, and chronic spinal pain. Still, when I forget how lucky and fortunate I am, I lead a fairly grumpy life.

Are we worried about our food being cold, or are we grateful we have food? Do we moan and complain about the weather, or are we grateful we don't have many natural disasters? Are we cranky because we are tired since our children keep us up all night, or are we grateful we can bear children? 

I'm totally guilty of this, but how many of us count our problems instead of our blessings? I kinda get disgusted with myself when I realise how blessed I really am and that I have little if no reason to complain. I want to try following the scriptures more and have a grateful heart. There are promises to those who show gratitude to their Lord, and one of them is a joyful heart. I need that. A joyful heart. Starting last year, I made a resolution to be more positive. That change did wonders for my demeanor. Now it's time to add gratitude to my divine attributes. One thing at a time, right ? Join me if you like and leave your responses below!!

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