Monday, December 7, 2015

Clean Eating: A Healthy lifestyle

I'm no saint, and I admit to indulging in junk food all the time. Hey, we gotta live a little right? However, I try to make simple choices in my every day meals that help me avoid a lot of processed foods, hormones, or pesticides. Again, I'm not a crazy fanatic about it. I'll eat my frozen Hot Pockets in a rush, just like the next guy. But, honestly, I find cooking so therapeutic and I notice a big difference in my body and the way I feel when I am smarter with my food choices.

It wasn't that hard to make the switch. I call myself a Chegan, because I'm basically a Vegan that cheats 😏 !! I eat very little meat, and TONS of vegetables...AND CHEESE!!! Mmm. Okay, so I'll go over my meal choices for the day with basic recipes so you can see how easy it is to be a healthy, clean eater. P.s. My husband and my toddler both LOVE my cooking. IT IS POSSIBLE to cook for the whole family.

First thing when I woke up today, I made a detoxifying tea. (it's kind of an acquired taste-lol- but if you enjoy the taste of "clean" it will be a quick adjustment )

You use 1 cup hot water, 2 tbsp Apple Cider vinegar, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1tbsp sweetner of choice (I'm allergic  to honey, so use stevia or something) 1 tbsp of cinnamon and a dash of cayenne. I read a lot about this drink online and found it to have a lot of energizing properties. And maybe it's just the taste, but it wakes you up! It also has its way of working through your digestive system, if you know what I mean. This drink supposedly burns calories just on its own.

For lunch, I made a taco bowl, and baked fries. Every human on the planet cannot resist French fries! They are my ultimate guilty pleasure. Guess what? You can make your own at home and they are just as good, if not better! Truth.

For my taco bowl I sauteed some organic corn till blackened then dumped in a can of organic tomato sauce with a scant can of water, half a can of organic black beans, and roughly a half to three fourths cup of Jasmine rice. I let that simmer while I prepared the fries. It was a total of about 30 min. I cut up about 8 potatoes, tossed in 2 tbsp of organic coconut oil and sprinkled it with Greek seasoning. I broil them on high for 15 min, until crispy on the outside. Seriously, the best thing ever. And the broiler is my BFF....FFFFF....forevs. I broil EVERYTHING because it is so fast and tenderizes the veggies just enough. I broil all kinds of veggies from parm cauliflower to garlic broccoli. Coconut oil is my next BFFFF. I have a giant jar I use for everything, even outside of the kitchen. Hair, skin, teeth. I'm currently in the process of training my body to go without store bought deodorant. (see Cameran Diaz's The Body Book for details ) But we can go over that another day. Anyway, when the rice is done all liquid will be absorbed. Top with avocado and cilantro. So that is my healthy lunch, super filling, with lots of good protein, carbs, and nummy ness.

For dinner, I made roasted eggplant Parmesan. Just cut up 2 large eggplants into big circles. Layer a lasagna dish with your choice of marinara, parm cheese, and eggplant. I use some garlic salt on top and bake for maybe 20 to 30 min at 350 degrees. So good!!!

For dessert, um, yes, I never skip dessert! I made Apple pie from apples off my tree. I didn't add anything else to the filling, just apples. I made up the crumble topping, using (about ) 1 cup oats, half cup brown sugar, half cup flour of choice, and half cup softened butter. To be extra weird, and yummy, I threw in about a half cup of my toasted coconut hot chocolate!! Now, I absolutely hate coconut in the meat form. But I enjoy the flavor of it, and the hot choc really gave the crumble a unique flavor without putting legit coconut on top. I used a premade Marie Calendars crust, and bomb diggity!!

And there you have it!

For the most part, I try to buy organic. I eat so much produce it is ridiculous. Like, literally. I've gone through 4 avocados and a bundle of bananas this week! (it's Monday).I also eat tons of eggs...eggs for breakfast. Eggs for lunch. Eggs for din din! I find that I have more energy and a healthier body composition when I focus on clean eating. I can also eat a TON of food without stressing about calories. I do believe in purchasing products with less GMO. And hopefully less anything artificial, but like I said, sometimes it is impossible. And I'm not gonna turn down someone else's hard cooked meal! Even if they don't use the same ingredients I do. But this lifestyle just works for me.

Also, because I'm a whack job that likes to prep on one day, while the kitchen is a disaster, I also made Chickpea Patties to eat for breakfast throughout the week, and a berry smoothie with organic mixed berries and almond milk. Using more apples from my tree, I made an Apple chia seed pudding by boiling apples in 100% Apple juice and cinnamon, then adding about 3 tbsp of chia seeds. Its amazing for breakfast OR dessert. If I snack, that's where I get naughty. I enjoy string cheese, crackers of any salty design, chips and salsa, or granola bars. Veggies and dip is a good go to, or a spinach salad with balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing.

It can be intimidating at the grocery store, wondering what to buy, and how to NOT spend a thousand dollars. but once you commit, you realize there are a few staples that you buy every visit, and keep your pantry stocked full, and you can whip up TONS of recipes. You just build from there, and it isn't much more expensive. I guess it's a sacrifice you have to make for the lifestyle you want to live.

Anyone have any recipes they wana share??

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