Sunday, March 8, 2015

Finding Beauty in an Ugly World

Short and sweet.
I posted a picture on my instagram the other day that said, "Some people have stopped searching for beauty, and then wonder why their lives are so ugly. "
It really means so much to me, as a natural cynic and someone who struggles being positive. This quote made me want to change. My dad also sent me a link to a talk that was very powerful and comforting.

How to live well amid increasing evil.
Find it here:
It talks about staying hopeful and happy in a world engulfed in filth. It states that even though we are surrounded by evil and pain, there is still beauty. If we focus on God and being true to His work, we will live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.
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I encourage you all to read it and ponder it, regardless of your religious choices. I think it's so easy to point the finger at everyone else, and pinpoint the faults, flaws, and sins of other people just because they are different than our own. A heightening problem within Christian religions is pride. Pride is a great sin. It caused the utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah among many cities during the biblical period. Today, Christians find it easy to judge someone who smokes  cigarettes if they have never smoked cigarettes. To them, smoking is worse than their own sins simply because they haven't experienced it. You may judge someone who drinks alcohol, or who has same gender attraction, or who cusses frequently or who watches highly inappropriate media material, all because you think these are greater sins than your own. The truth is we are not here to judge what others' sins are or are not, nor do we walk the walk of others' lives. It is not our journey, and just because we are a Christian who tries to live and abide by Christianity does not qualify us to be better human beings. Thinking so is a huge falsehood, and it is also a sin many people, including myself, fall victim to.
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It is my challenge to you to read and pray about your behavior and try to find beauty in this world. Do not focus on the shortcomings of others. Write down your own and make a conscious effort to better yourself. Philippians states that All things are possible through Christ, Who strengthens me.

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