Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Addiction Recovery Program: Step 12

Okay, sorry. Last post for today!

I just have so much on my mind today!

As you've read, I participated in filming for the ARP videos that will be released online by LDS studios. They filmed me speaking about step 4. I'm hoping they still use it, while simultaneously feeling horrified that they are going to use it! It is scary knowing the public will see me, hear me, and finally know some of my darkest hours. Regardless, I was happy to be involved in something so life changing, Maybe my story can help someone out there.

Speaking of life changing...I have a friend named Erik. (Hi, Erik!!)
He is the participant who filmed for Step 12.
Step 12 is Practicing the principles of the ARP program and sharing them.

I met Erik when I was training to become a facilitator. He works with my parents, who are missionaries for the program. As a good friend, he asked us if we would be extras in his video. I was happy to!

Erik is an awesome person. He has already filmed a courageous segment for LDS Voices of Hope. I watched the video and was in awe of his bravery. Such a strong soul. 
You can watch the video here:

Erik was then asked to go into detail about his story, and share it with others, in the video for Step 12 for the ARP program. I was delighted to be an extra in some of the scenes. In one particular scene, they asked me if I would "appear to be crying". They wanted me to look like a addict who was suffering. I jokingly told them, "I don't cry." The director asked me to go to a place that I could feel some sadness. (Ya, directors will do that haha) I was getting my "cry" makeup done when a prompting hit me. I told the makeup artist and Erik who was nearby, "You know, if you want me to cry, I have a cry song." They looked at me dubiously. 
"Seriously," I said. "It makes me cry. Every time. Without fail. Which is why I NEVER listen to this song."
The makeup artist immediately pulled out her iphone and said, "What is it?"
I told her. "His Hands, by Kenneth Cope."

They started playing the song and Lo, the tears came at once.
I went to that place of sadness (but also happiness) and spent the remaining of filming sniffling, sobbing, and smearing makeup all over Erik's white shirt.

I look forward to the videos and all the lives he will touch with his story! Stay tuned to for updates on when the videos will be released! And see me, the girl who "doesn't cry"...Bawl her eyes out!

((I'll let you in on a little secret. If you watch the video, know that there is an iphone sitting beneath my chair, playing His Hands on repeat. Also know, my tears are VERY REAL and VERY CORPULENT! Once they came, I could not get them to stop!!)

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