Thursday, March 12, 2015

A New Way of Life: Addiction Recovery

Just a quick thought dedicated to my ARP friends....
I know how hard the struggle is, especially when you've just began, staring at that mountain and wondering how you're ever going to climb it. Breaking free from addiction and getting clean is not for the faint of heart.
Let me tell you something that dawned on me late this evening. It is so hard to live in a world of sobriety. Now, I know many of you who have not suffered addiction will disagree. Be thankful. You have never known the utter depths of pain and torment that someone else had to numb. And yes, I know it is super hard for your to comprehend. ...because you don't understand why people do drugs or drink alcohol or eat think it is just a crutch. Perhaps for a very small few it is. But I can testify that these people do not just pop out of the womb and decide to get hooked on meth, or gambling, or sex. These people are suffering a great deal, more than you will ever know. They have not been weak by succumbing to addiction, they've been desperate. Then they became slaves to a disease. You should feel immense compassion for them. Your greatest loss may be the loss of a job, or a boyfriend, or a relative. You may have had some nasty fights with a spouse, or a coworker who sabotaged your career. All of these things cause stress and heartache....but there is some real, true evil in the world. Hollywood movie evil....and some people are caught up in it. I'm talking things you can't even imagine wishing upon your worst enemy. I've seen it happen. I've felt it happen. I've been in the presence of a man so warped and hypnotized by the adversary. There are cruel cruel human beings that do awful things to innocent people. These innocent people then find ways to numb the pain, numb the nightmares, to do anything possible to forget their agony. And they take all the blame.
I do not blame the people I know or meet who have chosen to numb their pain. I understand this huge, deep, need to survive and the feeling that the only way you will survive is to dull the pain. I want people to know that they are not failures or weaklings. They have been given the toughest battles God could give. But God gave them to the toughest soldiers, and through God we can all be healed. Through these challenges, invaluable life lessons are earned. Haha...I meant to say learned but typed earned instead. I think I'd like to leave it that way.
Please, please, know that you can always start new and change. You can become Something and someone wonderful. You are meant to change the world. You are brave. You are about to face a world that is consumed in filth, filth that has tainted you, and hurt you, and frightened you, filth that some people will never have to witness in their lives, and you are going to do it with a sober mind. You will succeed. You are so strong. Do not be afraid. Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of your fear.

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